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Hope, like life, is delicate, easily lost, and ultimately futile. And so, if you value life you must ultimately value hope, as they are not only similar, but linked. Without hope, life is no more than a series of monotonous steps until no more steps can be taken. A number of breaths taken until the breath is squeezed out of you. Without hope life ends without being lived.

I'm fortunate that I don't know anyone who truly lives without hope. I know plenty of people who feign hopelessness. Who guard their hopes, defend their hopes, and hide their hopes, but all of them, when pressed, are hopeful for something. Dream of something. Want, yearn, and wish for something, and as little as they may let that hope show, it's there and it makes them more than shambling meat sacks plodding through another day until the muscles them animate them stop moving. Hope, even the barest hope that someday something will be different, is all it takes to keep the life in someone.

And like I said, hope is easily lost. It can be shattered, betrayed, denied and falsified. Ultimately some hopes are futile; I'm probably not going to walk on Mars. Fortunately hope doesn't require probability. The only requirement of hope is possibility, and possibility is easy to find. As long as there is life, and as long as life can imagine, there will be hope. And as long as there is hope, life will continue to dream greater and greater possibilities.

I have lost hope more times than I can say, but I have always found it again. I suspect that as long as I continue to shamble through my days until the muscles that animate me cease to do so, I will find things to hope for. Even though those hopes may prove false, or be broken, or even lost again, I see no reason to stop pursuing or embracing them as the alternative seems much, much more sad. And worse, much much more boring.


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