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Mood swing

Everything sucks. Apparently I'm worthless and no one likes me. According to the data that's available anyway.

Don't have enough oxy to kill myself. Don't have enough self-worth to deal with the alternative. Just going to sit here and play Bejeweled Blitz until the flesh melts off my face and someone bothers to open my door and find my rotting corpse.

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Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. The words seem kind of lame when I look at them typed out like that, but it's what I mean. When times are a little better, and I'm better company, I'd like to buy you and Brian beers.

Everything does suck, but you are not worthless and people do like you!

Thank you very much Jenna =) You are remarkably good at making people smile. Well, me at least, and I'm pretty sure I still count as a people.

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